Akito – Hundred Hits Two (Drum Sample Pack)

Akito delivers his second installment of HUNDRED HITS, 100 cracking percussion hits for your DAW or Sampler


20 x Clap Samples
20 x Snare Samples
10 x Closed Hi Hat Samples
10 x Open Hi Hat Samples
40 x Percs and That Samples
10 x Kick Drums from Hundred Hits One (Bonus Folder)

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Akito – Hundred Hits (Drum Sample Pack)

Akito’s debut Drum Sample Pack HUNDRED HITS includes 100 new drums & percussion hits for your DAW or Drum Machine.

HUNDRED HITS includes:

10 x Kick Samples
16 x Clap Samples
10 x Snare Samples
12 x Closed Hi Hat Samples
11 x FX Samples
+++ Plenty More +++

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Akito Serum SoundBank 01

Akito’s debut preset pack Serum SoundBank 01 includes fifty fresh, handcrafted sounds for your plug-in.

Akito Serum SoundBank 01 includes:

11 x Bass Presets
12 x Pad Presets
12 x Pluck Presets
12 x Synth Presets
3 x Riser Presets

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