Akito Audio Mixes NTS

Akito – NTS 6th March 2020

Hour special of fresh, pumping club cuts, span live from Gillette Square, London on NTS Radio on the 7th of February 2020


Akito & DOSANKO – J-Pop Valentine’s Special – NTS

Hour special of Romantic, Japanese Pop classics from DOSANKO and Akito’s B2B set performed live from London on NTS Radio on the 7th of February 2020


Akito – Serum SoundBank 01 – Out Now!

My debut preset pack is out now! Serum SoundBank 01 includes fifty fresh, handcrafted sounds for your plug-in.

Akito Serum SoundBank 01 includes:

11 x Bass Presets
12 x Pad Presets
12 x Pluck Presets
12 x Synth Presets
3 x Riser Presets

Audio Preview

Available Exclusively on AkitoMart HERE

Video Video Round-Up

Video Round-Up #001

Introducing the Video Round-Up, a random collection of videos I like with no additional context, enjoy.

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ZERO BUDGET music PR & PROMO guide for your next release

In recent conversation, music marketing, promotion and PR have popped up loads. Usually along the lines of being out of budget and not knowing where to start if they were to attempt it themselves, this weeks video is inspired by these talks, I’ve put together a simple guide on creating and building up your network to execute effective promotional and PR campaigns FREE, for yourself as a musician or record label.

These are the same techniques I’ve been taught and thoroughly tested over the years through my label Sans Absence and more recently my self released music on AkitoMart Music Group.

This video will cover the basics once you have your assets finalised for the release, from setting up a press release to private music links, getting them sent to the right people using your new network of DJs & Journalists for consideration to getting your music shared, gaining you the vital exposure you deserve.

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Akito Type Beat (Part 2) My 5 Go To VST Plug-ins

In this video we’ll be continuing from last weeks type beat production tutorial to have a brief look into my top 5 go to VST plug-ins

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How To Make an Akito Type Beat

In this Video I’ll be demonstrating how to make an Akito Type Beat

P.s. I know this beat is trash, but even if turned out to be a banger the procedure and methods would have been very similar if not the same so I decided not to delete the video.

**The Final beat / loop is in the end card**

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Cook up club blends / edits in Under 15 minutes – Ableton Tutorial

In my first and probably last tutorial I’ll show you how to whip up quick and easy DJ blends and edits on Ableton Live in Under 15 minutes.