SNUB UNIT is a collection of 1111 generated, Snub-Nosed Monkey NFTs living on the Polygon network.

159 traits hand-drawn traits, from common to ultra-rare.

Mint your own unique Snub for 20 Matic today using the MINT UNIT at the bottom of the page.

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Launch Snub Unit – 9th of January 2022

Discord Server Launch – 9th of January 2022

Airdrop for all Snub Unit Holders – February 14th 2022

Launch Snub Unit Season Two – 31st of March 2022

More TBA.


20 – 5 Snubs will be given away through Social Media – 9th of January 2022

100 – airdrop all holders

500 – Akito will open a music studio in Tokyo, which will be available for use for Snub holders.

666 – more airdrops, this one will be for some lucky holders

1111 – 10% of all proceeds will be donated to mental health charities across the globe. The charities will be discussed and decided upon by Snub holders in our Discord Server.

More TBA & TBC.


Akito is a multi-disciplinary artist, dedicating most of his adult life to electronic Club-Music, as a DJ and Producer. He revisits his childhood joy for painting & drawing with his debut generative NFT collection. Born and raised in the heart of England, Akito is currently based in the depths of Tokyo, Japan. Making illustrations and eating Tuna-Mayo Onigiri from the convenience store. Avoiding the Winter for a warmer Spring.

Akito is the founder of AkitoMart, a digital boutique store specialising in sample packs, presets, NFTs, & part-time record label.

Socials: InstagramTwitter

Will you mint one of the ultra-rare trio?