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Salamanda x NTS – 29/05/2020

Salamanda x NTS – 29/05/2020

Akito Mixes

Akito Presents: DJ Salary Mane 2

01. Yuming – 卒業写真
02. 吉田美奈子 – 週末
03. Yumi Murata – Face to Face
04. Anri – Last Summer Whisper
05. Mai Yamane – 光と風と波と
06. Yuming – 晩夏 (ひとりの季節)
07. Takako Mamiya – Sorrow is Beyond the Night
08. Hi-Fi Set – メモランダム
09. Tatsuro Yamashita – Love Space
10. Yumi Seino – シェルの涙
11. 堀ちえみ – 幸せはモザイク
12. Akina Nakamori – Jealous Candle
13. Yuki Saito – 終りの気配

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How to Make a Lo-Fi String in Serum (Sound Design Tutorial)

In today’s tutorial, we’ll be making a Lo-Fi String Synth Preset in Xfer’s Serum VST plug-in

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Beginners Guide to Writing Melodies

In today’s tutorial, we’ll be going over 4 ways to start writing melodies now, if you’re new to the concept or simply getting stuck, these easy techniques will get you going in no time, without any overwhelming music theory, for now anyway.

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VST overview: SPL Transient Designer

In today’s video, we’ll be having a look at SPL’s Transient Designer plug-in, the video includes audio samples using a variety of sounds. enjoy!

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Beginners Guide: How You Can Make DJ Mixes in Ableton

in today’s tutorial, we’ll be going over the basics of creating a DJ mix in Ableton Live.

Ableton 90 day Trial:

Big up Noire & Farsight for the trax!


Akito Audio Mixes

Akito Presents: DJ Salary Mane (Playlist)

A playlist compiled of my favourite, most listened to ’70s and ’80s Japanese Pop Music over the last 6 months.

01. Naoki Kawai – 幻の夏
02. Hi-Fi Set – Sky Restaurant
03. Yumi Arai – 花紀行
04. Taeko Onuki – Sargasso Sea
05. Hi-Fi Set – フィーリング
06. Takako Mamiya – Love Trip
07. Mai Yamane – たそがれ
08. Anri – オリビアを聴きながら
09. Taeko Onuki – 部屋
10. Takako Mamiya – Midnight Joke
11. Chiemi Manabe – ナイトトレイン·美少女
12. Naoki Kawai – My Boy
13. Chiemi Manabe – ねらわれた少女
14. Nina Atsuko – 二名敦子 – カヌーソング
15. Saito Yuki – Asa no Fuukei (Instrumental)

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How to: Gliding Square Wave Bass in Xfer Serum

Yes, quarantine gang, in today’s tutorial we’ll be creating a Square Wave Bass and using portamento so the sound slide and glide smoothly from one note to another, these sounds are inspired by the golden era of Grime and Eski, adding some grit to an already dark and greasy sound palette, these sounds commonly appear in early and more contemporary productions of a grimy nature or influence.

Akito Serum SoundBank 01

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Self Releasing DIGITAL MUSIC Guide w/ Advice from SCRATCHA DVA & KUSH JONES

In this tutorial we’ll be covering the most effective ways to get your music out and available to your listeners on major and specialised online stores and platforms from the comfort of your home, also in the video, Scratcha DVA and Kush Jones drop some tips on the benefits of self-releasing.

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Akito – Dragged & Dropped (Assortment) ONE [RE-UPLOAD]

Keep getting requests to re-upload this compilation of blends, So here it is.

stream & download HERE


01. Fuck u all the time – Bootleg
02. DJ Delish x Lil Silva – Make You Feel Different
03. Vybz Kartel x Akito – Tek Buddy Aqua Tryst
04. Edit097
05. Persian rugs on Suicide Drums
06. Abra x Akito – Catching Fruit
07. We belong to the night Blend
08. Solta grave _ feels edit
09. Loom – Fractured Light (Akito’s 130 blend)
10. Wiley x MC Bin Laden – ta tranquilo Eskimo (Akito Blend)
11. Sizzla x Skanker

Dragged & Dropped 2 Sampler included too! Feel free to share, enjoy.